About us

“We Strategize. We measure. We create. We innovate.”

Ultimax Media LLC. is not your traditional agency! The first thing we’ll do when we start working together is getting to know your business. Then, get to know your costumers. Next, we’ll improve the way your communication with these costumers and help you get more of them. If you are looking for an agency to do a quick project and vanish you are not looking for us. However, if you are looking for an agency that will work with you every step of the way by investing hard work and dedication to help you cultivate we are here to assist. We do our homework, we have an objective point of view, we learn your business, advocate for your costumers and dare to be different and stand out.

Like many businesses, ULTIMAX MEDIA LLC began as a home office in 2012. Led by CEO and creative chiefs John Roumieh and Donnie Hanna. Long-term friendship brought both of their expertise and experiences to create an executive team. Our company excels and is empowered by a dedicated duo committed to excellence, outstanding quality, and superior client care. Our passion here is merging the latest techniques in marketing with strategic thinking to improve your business. We believe in ideas that attract attention, build confidence and inspire loyalty. We are a marketing agency rooted in our passion to provide the most creative and impressive solutions. We separate good idea from bad and create ways of communicating those ideas in a dynamic and compelling manner.

We show our client’s a direct path to their success, which is exactly what this is all about. We welcome you to get a taste of our creation!

We’ll learn, we’ll adapt, and we’ll help you grow!